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Everything you need to know before the camera starts clicking!

How many photos do we get?

Our service is based on hour-rated work, so when you hire us, you actually hire us for the time spent with you. Therefore, you got all the photos for your package categorized into Negatives, Proofs, Edited and sometimes Retouched. In average a ladies/mix wedding gets around 500 photos, and as for a men’s wedding you get around 350 photos. These numbers are after selection process is done.

What are edited and retouched photos?

Edited photos are those photos that we select to correct their exposure. Retouched are those photos the client selects and edited with techniques more than exposure correction, such as skin and spot removal. Check the “What are the photo types” for more in-depth.

How many photographers?

All our packages consist of one photographer to do the job. However, events with large number of guests (more than 300 guests) acquire additional photographers for a better coverage and the cost of that depends on duration of the event. Sometimes, the photographer needs an assistant to help out, and that as no additional cost to the client.

Do you have female photographers?

Yes, we do. Whenever a request is given to us, we ask whether the ceremony is for: ladies, men or mix. Upon that we dedicate a photographer for that wedding. In case it was a ladies-only ceremony, then nobody else then female staff will have access to those photos during the shooting and post processing stages.

I want to shoot while getting prepared, which package should I go for?

If you want the small details of your wedding to be covered, then we recommend you go for the Gold & Diamond packages. They have more time, that can be spent on shooting those details.

I like your packages, but the time isn’t enough! Can I add more time?

The packages are made to meet the time most people take for an event in Saudi or in GCC as general. Therefore, there are at least two options for each event type with difference in time. You can always add hours to your package, but better do that while booking to save some extra money.

I don’t want to shoot everything (or everyone)!

We understand that as a couple you are interested in more of seeing yourself and the arrangements you spent money on. And some things may not be welcomed. You can simply inform us prior the wedding to avoid that and we might request some help from your side to identify the unwanted. It’s always better to have a photo checklist of the events and things you want to be documented (just Google for the list).

How can I book a date for my wedding?

You can secure the date you want with a signed contract and 70% down payment of the total services. 50% of total amount is non-refundable according to our studio’s policy.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments either by cash, cheque or bank transfers to our account.

Is there video in your package?

Video services is currently available in-house for Men and Mix ceremonies only, as our team consist of male-only camera operators. However, we partnered with other makers to get female camera operators that can deliver same quality as we deliver in our photographic work.


So what happens after?

When are the photos ready?

The photos are usually delivered according to the following schedule:

Photos taken at:    ProofsEditedRetouchedPrints

Portrait Session

Within 2 weeks


Within 3 weeks of client’s selection

Within 2 weeks of client’s selection

Ceremony / Preparations / Reception


Within 4 weeks


Within 2 weeks of client’s selection

* Client has up to 10 working days to select
** See the next question on “Photo Types”.
A “rush” services is available, but it is given after checking the team’s workload and their availability to deliver fast. An additional fee applies for the rush.

What are photo types?

Photo are divided into types depending on the stage of processing they reach to:

  • Negatives: Are photos taken directly from the camera and haven’t been processed in any way. You get these all.
  • Proofs: are selected photos from negatives with minor edits as colour calibration.
  • Edited: are selected photos from the proofs that are colour balanced, exposure corrected, straighten up (if needed) and cropped as necessary.
  • Retouched: are selected photos by the client only, which will be heavily edited such as increasing contrast, removing blemishes/pimples, removing distracting objects from backgrounds and adding special effects as vignettes or black & white. Some photos request special treatment; this is where Advanced Retouching comes into role. This service is charged depending on the treatment needed. The client will be informed about the cost before the retouches start.
  • Prints: are photos selected by the client from all the types mentioned above. They are printed on different sizes according to the package’s offering and the client’s guidance.

Why do you select the edited photos?

You may come across the photographer during wedding and ask him/her on how many photos the counter shows, they will tell you 1.2k but when you receive the edited, you get only 1/3 of that number. The reason is that we filter them out based on our shooting style — that was the reason that brought you to us, Our Style! We know what is good for you to share or to keep in memories, as much as we consider delivering quality and keeping our work clean.

Do you really give out all images taken?

Honestly, Not All. During an event or wedding the environment mostly keeps changing, due to moving lights, subject positions and other circumstances. That’s where some shots (less than 2%) get blurred, over-exposed or out-of-focus. And there is no way to fix them, even with best photo-editors in the world. Some are also test shots. Therefore, they are all dismissed.

How do I select photos for retouching?

Put in mind that you select the best of best photos. The photos that are unforgettable and carry special feelings for you and your loved one.

I loved the photos and I want them all to be retouched. How much will it cost?

On average, we get around 500 to 700 images per event, it would take from us at least 200 hours of editing, at least 5 weeks of full-time work to get it done and the cost will be no less than 6k dinars! Unless you are willing to pay that in addition to your package and we are willing to ignore other client’s requests. Therefore, we offer to do retouching per each additional photo as shown in the price list here.


You select, we print!

Where are the prints?

After the photos are edited or retouched. It comes to you as a client to select the photos you want to print. Therefore, we provide you with all the photos and advise you to select from either “Edited” and “Retouched” photos. If you select from Proofs or Negatives, then it will be printed as you’ve seen it.

How do I select the photos for printing?

For Single Prints: Select the photos without duplicates, for example if you want to select a photo with 4 members in it, then someone else jumped in the next photo and they became 5, so it’s better to go with the second option (unless that last person is unwanted!). If you are having a photobook within your package, make sure not to select duplicates, to get most of your photos printed.

For Photobook: Usually we advise you to select the best of best, those photos are to be memorable and have special moments. The photos can be couple shots, parents, close family members, rings, close friends and so on. You can make it easy for yourself to select based on categories such as: Couple, Family, Preparations & Setup, Friends, Big Family. Put in mind

I selected the photos for printing, so how do I share them with you?

It’s an easy process, simply the photo has name, starting with the capture date followed by a serial number as “YYYMMDD_xxxxx”. You just send us list of the photos along with the desired size as following:

Photo Name





















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